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The leading manufactures of hot water geysers and solar systems

- Efficiency -
Geyser cylinder

We manufacture maintenance free copper geysers with a great solar system, plus electrical backup so you always have hot water. Our geysers are made from copper and come in different sizes but all with 10 years warranty.

- Skilled -
Solar panels

Our Solar panels have their tubes made of copper, so you get a quality geyser that's unaffected by running dry and cold temperatures. There are no internal seals within panels since they are all welded copper joints. Cylinder to panel plumbing in copper fittings.

- Awesome -

Unlike imported solar geysers with a single option outside installation on a stand, our geysers are installed with the panel on the outside, and the geyser within the roof which is neater, or opt to install on a stand outside. You have a choice.

Our vision

To be the leading and preferred choice in all geyser manufacturing and metal fabrication.

Core values
We have pride in the quality of our services and are committed to excellence in quality in product and service. Commitment to honesty, integrity and professionalism in all the company's dealings with all stakeholders. Encouragement of customer feedback in order to constantly improve our products and services.

Mission statement

We endeavour to provide quality delivery. We aim to meet and surpass customer expectations. 

Our Clients

Thermotec supplies some of the biggest brands in hardware. We manufacture at high standards to make sure our clients get the highest value out of each product. Be it as middlemen or end-users, our goal is to make sure you have the best, consistent solution with your purchase.

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